Racial Justice is our Spiritual Duty

Anti-blackness is violence that affects Black people worldwide due to a violent history of slavery, colonialism, and continued state-sanctioned violence throughout the globe. The Black Lives Matter movement should not be seen in isolation from hundreds of years of racist violence of which the recent killing of George Floyd is a continuation. ⁣⁣
As Muslims we must commit to ensuring that we challenge anti-blackness within our community spaces, our families and friends, and wherever we may find ourselves. Take the time to understand why Black activists are pushing for abolition, why statues of slaveowners are being toppled and beheaded, and how a history of violent dispossession continues to affect Black people today.⁣⁣
As Muslims, it is our spiritual duty to be steadfast to the principles of social justice and deep compassion in Islam. It is not enough to be passive and fall onto the ease of toxic positivity, we must be active in doing the personal and communal work of eradicating violent systems in our lives. Allah has created diversity in humankind by design, so that we may appreciate each other’s differences and respect them, understanding that it doesn’t change the essential fact that we are all God’s beautiful creations. ⁣
All of us are equal before Allah. No human being should see themselves as superior to another whether by virtue of race, gender, sexuality, or other identity markers. To be racist or to excuse racism is to dishonour one of the most fundamental values in Islam of Taqwa. ⁣⁣Let’s work to abolish anti-blackness and all forms of racial prejudice in our communities.⁣

We will continue sharing resources on our stories, and as you may know there is also a masterlist of resources on https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/. There are e-books “The End of Policing” and “Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect” that are currently free for download if you would like to understand the call for abolition.⁣

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