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Beyond the Hijab was formed in 2013 by a group of women who were brought together by the simple idea that women should have a platform to share stories about their experiences as women reconciling the demands of their religion and the pressures of the modern world.

We wanted to create a space built on understanding – where women can put aside the things that we’re told by society, our communities, our families and friends and the media – and tell our own stories. By creating a judgment-free space, we hope to create a place for women to find a sense of belonging, regardless of their backgrounds, experiences or choices.

This is not a platform for us to judge others, proselytise or advocate for a specific interests. This is a safe space, and all participants and their views are to be treated with the highest degree of respect at all times. We are interested in learning together from individual experiences, through which we hope to build a community of understanding, empathy and openness, where we can learn about our religion, ourselves and each other.

If you have any questions please write to us at team@beyondhijab.sg or fill out the form below.


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