(Wo)man in the mirror

By Sharifah Fadhilah

En Vogue sang, “I wear tight clothing, high heel shoes. It doesn’t mean I’m a prostitute”.

While I am not saying tight clothing is Islamic, I have to agree it doesn’t make you someone who sleeps around and make money out of that service.

When it comes to reaching righteousness,  to quote Miley Cyrus, it’s the climb. Actually… More accurately, it’s a climb but she’s almost there. What I’m saying is that it’s a gradual process.

If you ask me, revealing your neck, collarbone and ankles is far from making a mockery of Hijab and Islam in comparison to ridiculing others and calling them names.

We’re all in this together *winks at High School Musical/Zac Efron fans*. We’re all trying to improve and hope Heaven embraces us in the Hereafter. The sense of sisterhood needs to be heightened.

We all want to maintain the purity of Islam, I get it. Policing other women’s attire is your jihad. All I’m saying is, there’s a better, more positive way of doing this. If you think she’s not dressed properly, you could buy her an outfit as a gift. Instead of going “THIS IS NOT HIJAB” and hating on every Muslim girl’s Instagram, start your own hijab/Islam compliant account. Inspire and lead by example. I’m sure we’re all now wearing oversized tops because we saw Dina Tokio working it.

Keep the holier than thou attitude in check. No one promised you paradise. If someone isn’t covered up right, say a silent prayer for her salvation and then make one for yourself. Everyone sins in a different way.

In my opinion, and evidently Weapon X’s too since I’m about to rip lyrics again, we’re all humans, skip the arrogant comparisons. It’s time we listen to the late Michael Jackson and start with the (wo)man in the mirror.