The Real A’s to Q’s for Hijabis

Hijabis, for the most part, appreciate genuine questions from strangers and friends about their experience wearing hijab. However, constantly answering the same questions over and over again can be exhausting. Here is a list of common questions hijabis are faced with and what their true thoughts are:

Don’t you feel hot in that thing?

Well let’s see…you’re in a sleeveless shirt and shorts and feeling hot and I’m wearing a gazillion layers so WHAT DO YOU THINK. Thanks for reminding me that we cannot escape the Singapore sun.

Aw do you have to wear that? But you look so pretty with your hair down!

Thanks…? Does this mean I’m ugly with it on? Microaggression much.

Will you wear that after you get married?

You think I’m wearing this just to trap a man? Tsk tsk.

So if a guy sees your hair… do you have to marry him?

If that were true, I’d accidentally have a lot of husbands and probably have been a child-bride.

How do you wear that in the shower?

I actually stick my head in the washing machine so I can clean my hijab because my head is glued to it.

How can I free you from this oppression? – white woman

You can stop talking to me because, you are right, this is torture.

Are you bald under there?

More like balding but that’s probably due to the stress of constantly trying to match my hijab to my outfits.

So what color is your hair?

I guess the color of my original eyebrows but who knows now.

Did you know your hair is showing?

Why is it when you see my hair showing, it’s like you’re seeing weeds creep out of a crack?!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

… We live in Singapore. CANNOT LAH.