Topic of the Month: Hijab

Every month, we will feature a series of stories written by community members on to the topic of the month. This month’s topic is Hijab. We asked contributors to share with us their experiences related to hijab – regardless of if they themselves wore it or not. The stories include their hijab journeys, the reactions they got from their extended communities, their relationships with those who do wear the hijab and more. We hope you find a diverse range of stories that showcase the realities of women living in Singapore today.

There are honestly, more than a few reasons why we chose “hijab” as our first topic.

  1. Before we can move on to topics beyond the the hijab, we need to discuss what the term even means.
  2. Also, as you can probably tell from our blog’s title, we are tired of the hijab seemingly being the only issue people talk about when it comes to us Muslimahs. Surely, they know we are more than a piece of cloth on our heads, or perhaps, the lack thereof. That’s none of their business anyway right?
  3. Singapore has its unique issues surrounding the topic: The fact that it isn’t allowed in schools, the fact that it isn’t allowed in certain “uniform” professions like being a police or nurse… You’ll be surprised to find there are way more! The “hijab issue” has been around here for a long time but why is it now, it seems a big deal? Why are our voices only starting to be heard now?
  4. C’mon… Hijab fashion is taking the world by storm in our generation. How did that happen??
  5. To wear it, or not to wear it? That, is the question. (Whose choice is it anyway?)
  6. They say, if you wear it in wider society, it is a statement of identity, but if you wear it in the Muslim, or rather, Malay Muslim society, you do it out of conformity… What’s your take on that?
  7. Interesting topic: Does hijab have anything to do with our sexual morals?

PHEW! Now that we’ve gotten all that off our chests, let us know your take on these issues! Scoot on over to our facebook page!