Announcement: Have you attended a Muslim pre-marriage course?

Beyond the Hijab and our friends at Crit Talk, WALI and Penawar are collaborating on a research project to better understand how issues regarding domestic violence are covered in Muslim pre-marriage courses. We are looking for women, aged 21-35, who have attended a Muslim pre-marriage course (PMC) in Singapore. The findings from our interview will help us make recommendations to relevant agencies to incorporate more comprehensive information in their PMC curriculum regarding domestic violence and ways for couples to seek help.

Profile of respondents:

  • Female

  • 21 to 35 years old

  • Attended a Muslim pre-marriage course (PMC)

  • Singaporean/Singaporean PR

Respondents do not have to be of Malay ethnicity.

Interview details:

  • Interviews will be conducted between February to March 2019.

  • Interviewee’s details will be kept confidential.

  • Each interviewee will be awarded with a $30 token of appreciation for their participation.

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